The marquee above, shows a small (mini) part from my collection of 'linguistic curiosities'. You'll see three slips of the tongue or pen, strange and / or nice words, something in dialect or a foreign language. Refresh the page and you'll see three different quotes. Each month, there are about one hundred.
Theme for this month: aphorisms of right-wing hawkers.

I ow all authors and spreakers many thanks. But most of all, I thank Piet Grijs (Hugo Brandt Corstius) who made me start collectioning with his 'Opperlandse taal- & letterkunde'.

In the blogs you'll find joys and sorrows pertaining to courses, experiences in education, opinions on society and politics, news from the home front. And also changes to the site, presentations and showcase files.

All marquee quotes and all blog texts are in Dutch. We are leading in irregular verbs and changes of spelling, so: learn to speak double Dutch!

Latest blog post: Nog iets over de media

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