Standard trainings

Standard trainings (PowerPoint Basics, Excel Advanced and the like) sell a bit less than ten years ago. Most people nowadays know how to create, save and reopen a file. Formatting some text or calculating the sum of a list of numbers is done in a trice. We are buried under emails and the latest news is drawn from the Internet. However: the common knowledge is sometimes disappointing.

That is why we keep offering these well-known standard courses. It concerns Office versions 95 to 2010 Nl and UK.

  • Word Basics and Advanced
  • Excel Basics and Advanced
  • PowerPoint Basics and Advanced
  • Access Basics and Advanced
  • Outlook Basics and Advanced
  • Visio Basics
  • VBA Basics
  • Windows Basics and Advanced

An extensive description, complete with an outline of these trainings, can be found in Diensten.doc. (This file is temporarily not available.)


For those who want to go further, we have the Star*trainings. Here we really explore one topic in depth. Many people will be aware that they don't use their 'state of the art' program to the max. In a regular basics or advanced training they won't be fully satisfied. Such a course usually involves too many diverse topics with too little depth. A few (!) examples of Star*trainings:

  • PowerPoint
    • all options using animations
    • types of slides (layouts) in detail
    • macros and VBA
  • Excel
    • math functions in detail
    • pivot tables
    • charts
    • linking with Access
    • macros and VBA
  • Word
    • styles
    • usage of fields
    • templates
    • macros and VBA

Likewise we have Star*trainings for Outlook, Access, Windows etc. See Diensten.doc for an extensive description of the outline and contents of these trainings. (This file is temporarily not available.)

On-site support and training

On-site, individual and 'question driven' learning, while the daily, real problems are solved in the meantime. That's what we refer to as 'on-site support and training'. A helpdesk employee is always in a hurry; we take the time. And we (us) run some risks! Whether or not we can work up to the real problems in a limited amount of time is an issue. We'll need a clear agreement on this from the start.

Read Diensten.doc for a further description. (This file is temporarily not available.)

Development and consultancy

Sometimes it doesn't pay off to master all the ins and outs. At that point, it’s time to think about 'outsourcing'.

The list below is not exhaustive but it gives an impression of the kind of odd jobs we can do for you. We focused on topics that will make sense to most of you. In practice we come upon jobs that involve the overlap of various disciplines.

  • One or more Word templates, perhaps resulting in a company-wide format.
  • One single, specific macro.
    E.g. a macro that calculates a cost, in- or exclusive VAT with a selectable rate. Or just the other way around: supply any rate VAT and the macro will calculate the in and ex price.
  • A database.
    From functional design to the finishing touch.
  • Complex calculation models.
    E.g. a schema that can assign general cost to various users pro rate (usage).

Regular primary education

All that, and more still ...? :-)

As a 'fully qualified teacher with license a to j + k + r', I sometimes teach class. But only if the need arises: now and then, here and there, a few days of substitution.

A very different world from company trainings but there are also similarities. Differences: the age, the topics, the facilities and ... the earnings. And after a day full of small children, I’m really worn out. Similarities: the joy of 'assistance in learning' and creating a pleasant atmosphere. But I wouldn’t dare a spontaneous ten minutes of meditation in a training. Read my blogs Gedrag van ... and De gelukkige (klas) meester for an impression.

Curriculum Vitae

FRANS HENRI VAN ZELM, born 09-28-1951 in Amsterdam.

In about sixty years many things happen, naturally. Here, in short, are a few 'high lights'. From the contents of the presentations and example files, it will automatically become clear with what, and on what level, I have run things these last fifteen years.


Advanced elementary school-b with math and science 1968
Higher general secondary school also with math and science 1970
College of education license a to j, k and r 1974
Courseware programmer MS-DOS, PC-Pilot, Logo, WordStar, dBase II, VP Planner 1986


Teacher Primary schools, including a few years of Freinet education.
The latter was not easy but very inspiring and challenging indeed.
1974 - 1983
Jack-of-all-trades and master of none Part-time family man, farm-hand, would be shopkeeper and ...
A time for trial, error and resurrection. Looking back I would say: "Great what all I went through. Certainly not a waste of time."
1983 - 1987
ICT Employee at the former Federal Police and Grip BV . 1987 - 1993
Freelance, therefore everywhere and nowhere.
Thus, I worked at and for various ministries, provinces and municipalities; at KPN, ABN Amro, ING, Delta Loyd, Aegon, KLM, Shell, NUON, Sara Lee, Pon, Fokker Stork, IHC Calland and at the UMC, AMC, Erasmus MC and many more.
I deliver(ed) courses for amongst others Compu'Train, Centric, Haaglanden, Qube Education, Opatel, Randstad, Kelly and Teelen.
1993 - today
ICT activities: trainings, organizing long term courses, writing course materials, writing code on a limited scale. Almost all in and with MS Office. And further, permanent study of new software of course.  
Teacher With a modest frequency I replaced a teacher that has fallen ill. In a certain way, 'back to my roots'. Teaching will always be interesting. 2003 – 2011